September 13, 2023 4 min read

CAPE Analytics Launches AI-Powered, Instantly Available, Automated Property Condition Report

New report features instantly accessible property condition insights that can be easily integrated into existing valuation workflows to improve decisioning and efficiency  

Palo Alto, Calif. — September 13th, 2023 — CAPE Analytics, the leading provider of AI-powered property intelligence, has unveiled a new, AI-powered, automated property condition report (aPCR) designed for use by institutional lenders, whole loan investors, and real estate investors. Unlike traditional PCRs, the CAPE aPCR uses computer vision to assess aerial imagery from airplanes and other sources to extract highly accurate, critical information about property conditions and their surroundings, with a focus on characteristics that influence property value and marketability. The CAPE aPCR is available instantly and can be applied across the valuation spectrum—from adding condition validation to an AVM, to driving appraisal workflows by identifying cases where a rigorous inspection would be beneficial.   

Existing human-driven, visual inspections like traditional property condition reports (PCRs), as well as those included in exterior broker-price opinions (BPOs), miss 70% of property issues identified by the CAPE aPCR. Through its unique insights, including state-of-the-art computer vision and geospatial data, the CAPE aPCR can flag concerns that may impact property value, helping improve decisions on loan underwriting and valuation, and increasing efficiency by providing this data much earlier in the process. Moreover, the information contained in the CAPE aPCR is collected in an objective, structured manner that is reliable, consistent, and refreshed throughout the year.

“The CAPE aPCR leverages machine learning and geospatial imagery to provide instant, condition-aware insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods,” said Jiapei Wang, Senior Product Manager at CAPE Analytics. “This approach accelerates the speed of home equity originations via data-driven property condition insights that can be seamlessly integrated into existing valuation workflows while enabling streamlined human review of properties.”  

Inside the CAPE Automated Property Condition Report (aPCR) 

Home equity lenders, whole loan investors, and single-family rental investors can all take advantage of valuable insights contained in the aPCR. The solution makes the following nationwide property information instantly available via an auto-generated report or API:

  • Objective and current exterior property condition assessments
  • Distance to noisy roads, train tracks, and bodies of water 
  • Property features that are often missed by existing data sets and exterior inspections including swimming pools, solar panels, and accessory structures
  • Regular, automated detection of property changes that can affect property value

The aPCR is an automatically generated PDF report, but the data can also be accessed via an API, in bulk data, or through a dynamic web application. This instantly available report is available for nearly all properties in the United States and has use cases for many real estate-linked industries. 

To learn more about how the CAPE aPCR can improve your decision-making, increase efficiency, and improve valuations visit or contact us today.

About CAPE Analytics

CAPE Analytics is the leading provider of geospatial property intelligence. CAPE provides instant property insights for millions of residential and commercial buildings by analyzing high-resolution imagery, property records, and novel data sources using computer vision and machine learning. With a mission to better understand and protect the built environment, CAPE provides property stakeholders with risk-predictive property attributes that are more timely, accurate, and objective than on-site inspections. CAPE consists of a team of insurance, real estate, and data experts and is backed by leading venture capital firms and insurance carriers.