Automated Property Condition Report (aPCR)

Instant and objective property condition information derived from aerial imagery and other data sources

Home equity lenders, whole loan investors, and single-family rental investors can all take advantage of valuable insights contained in the aPCR.

The CAPE® aPCR features instantly accessible property condition insights that can be easily integrated into existing valuation workflows to improve decisioning and efficiency.

This instantly-available PDF report is available for nearly all properties in the United States and its data can be accessed via API, in bulk data, or through a dynamic web application.


The CAPE aPCR is available instantly, reducing the time it takes to determine property condition versus an in-person assessment.

Use the aPCR for outlier detection to determine when a more rigorous valuation and collateral check is needed.

Instant, AI-powered insights from the aPCR are available at a fraction of the cost of in-person assessments.

With insights derived from aerial imagery and other data sources, use objective and quantifiable information in your workflow and identify previously undiscovered property risks.

A Deeper Look

The CAPE aPCR revolutionizes property inspections by providing AI-powered, objective, and instantaneous property condition information like the following:

Location Factors

Identifies the distances to places of significance like highways, railways, parks, and coastlines

Property Attributes

Identifies aerial imagery-derived aspects of a property like the presence of a pool or yard debris

Property Condition

Understand exterior condition of the home, including the roof’s condition

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