Wildfire Intelligence

Understand wildfire risk with surgical precision

Between 2016 and 2020, over 60,000 structures in the U.S. were lost to wildfire—more than double the total number in the preceding decade. Wildfires are growing in ferocity, frequency, and footprint, and carriers need more granular assessment tools to manage this compounding risk.

CAPE Wildfire Intelligence brings together cutting-edge geospatial AI across multiple imagery providers, with hundreds of other wildfire-relevant data sources.

Key in on Address-Level Wildfire Vulnerability and Risk Mitigation Impacts

The highest resolution imagery available, with the pioneering scale, speed, and accuracy of CAPE’s overlaid analytics, can power decisions that future-proof your business.

1 2 3
1 Wood Shake Roof
2 High Density Vegetation
3 Wood Deck

Take Action With Unprecedented Granularity & Transparency

CAPE’s transparent analytics inform carriers and homeowners of the contributing factors to a property’s wildfire risk, actions that can be taken to mitigate that risk, and the quantified impact such actions will have on both risk and rate. 

Overall Risk Rating: Very High

Vulnerability Rating:

High Risk

Key Factors:

Zone 1 Vegetation: 34%
Zone 2 Vegetation: 27%
Structure Density: 22%

Mitigation Potential:

Low Risk

Key Factors:

If Zone 1, 2 and 3 are cleared

Integrate CAPE Wildfire Intelligence to:

  1. 01 Get a holistic view of risk for every property
  2. 02 Underwrite and price with confidence in any area
  3. 03 Empower your customers with clear mitigation strategies that have a quantifiable impact on risk and rate

Leverage CAPE’s suite of wildfire risk ratings or standalone, loss-predictive attributes


CAPE Wildfire: Overall Risk Rating

Merges regional hazard level with address-level vulnerability for the most holistic view of risk available.

CAPE Wildfire: Vulnerability Rating

A view of wildfire risk specific to each property, from vegetation and nearby building density to construction characteristics.

CAPE Wildfire: Mitigation Potential

The vulnerability of a property if mitigation were to be completed by the homeowner, for proactive customer engagement and new business opportunities.

Rigorously tested against our loss database of 20M+ real-world records spanning the last five years

A key component of wildfire safety

CAPE Wildfire Intelligence is built using the latest research and findings from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, which tests structural vulnerability to wildfire in real-world conditions.

Expand your business

Hundreds of thousands of homes in high and very high-risk areas across California could have favorable vulnerability profiles if proper mitigation actions are taken.