Property Intelligence Capabilities The technologies powering the most trusted property intelligence on earth

At CAPE®, we pioneered the creation of property intelligence analytics through computer vision, machine learning, and geospatial imagery.

It’s in our DNA to explore new ways to understand the built environment and its relationship to both man-made and climate risks. Today, our team of technologists work across a myriad of data sources and machine learning technologies to create new products and insights—and we’re just getting started.

Our Capabilities

From property condition to risk and valuation-predictive characteristics, CAPE has pioneered the use of computer vision and geospatial imagery to instantly assess over 100M properties across the U.S. and Canada.

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CAPE Foundry leverages a multitude of machine learning technologies and a vast array of data sources to fuse, compare, and assess property information, bringing certainty to the otherwise uncertain world of property data. 

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CAPE has built systems capable of monitoring properties at scale—be it a book of business or specified geography—and automatically identify changes that meaningfully alter property risk and value.

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1 AI-Verified Property DataQuality Grade: Economy
2 Change DetectionSolar Panels: Install Complete
3 Geospatial AnalyticsRoof Condition: Excellent