Instant, Accurate & Comprehensive Data For Policy Underwriting

Improve Customer Experience

A shorter application with fewer property attributes to enter improves the experience of the insured and the agent. Simplicity increases completion rate and drives submissions.

Reduce Adverse Selection

More data at time of quote means accurately reflecting risk at time of binding.

Issue Accurate Quotes

Accurate data at time of quote means fewer post inspection premium adjustments, leading to higher retention rates for your insureds and agents.

The latest and most accurate data

Latest Geospatial Imagery

Global Cloud Computing Engine

Living Database of Property Attributes

Carrier Quote Engine

How it works


Accurate and current data, at scale

Cape Analytics API

  • Instantaneous data feed of comprehensive property attributes— details about size and condition of the roof, building, and parcel.
  • Access the most up-to-date property information derived from the latest geospatial imagery.
  • Available for properties across the continental United States.
  • Seamlessly integrate data into your existing workflow; populate data across multiple environments: underwriting systems, broker portals, insured portals.

For New Business

Access data at time of quote.

For Renewals

View changes to property data since last renewal period.

Access latest Cape data for properties of interest.

Run entire portfolios to understand data discrepancies.

Let Us Prove It.

Get a Cape Analytics software trial, using your data.

We make it easy to validate the superior data quality of Cape Analytics. Simply provide a cross section of your current book and we’ll run a complimentary book review and highlight where discrepancies exist. There’s nothing to lose!
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