Roof Age

Objective roof age derived from historical aerial imagery for both residential and commercial properties

CAPE® Roof Age is trusted by top-20 P&C carriers and scans past and present high-resolution aerial imagery to identify complete roof replacements at scale.

Highly accurate and widely available, insurers can easily implement CAPE Roof Age into existing workflows.

The data can be accessed via API, batch processing, or within the CAPE web application.

How it Works: Imagery-Based Change Detection

Residential Roof Replacement (05/25/2022—02/01/2023)
Commercial Roof Replacement (09/23/2019—01/15/2020)

Imagery Sourced by Nearmap US

CAPE Roof Age is 95% accurate

Use Cases & Benefits

Clean up roof age data across your PIF to ensure appropriate coverage, retain customers, and reduce premium leakage for your existing book of business.

Take the onus off your customers and agents to determine roof age. Avoid defaulting to inaccurate roof age estimates like the age of the home, and flag potential roof age errors or inconsistencies at the point of quote.

Efficiently prioritize straight-through processing, inspection, or kick-outs based on existing or added underwriting guidelines.

Accurately apply ACV, cosmetic, or matching endorsements based on roof age and right-size wind/hail or all-peril deductibles.

Improve risk segmentation and more accurately price risk at new business and renewal, or replace existing data sources with CAPE Roof Age to improve lift and better match rate to risk.

Reduce uncertainty in portfolio-wide risk. Insurers can improve CAT model roof age inputs, brokers and carriers can improve reinsurance terms, and reinsurers can confidently assess cedent books by reducing uncertainty.

A Deeper Look

CAPE Roof Age scans imagery for visual changes using patented change detection algorithms, delivering an objective roof age and more:

Replacement Between:
1/15/14 — 3/20/14
Roof Replacement Year:
Roof Age:
Confidence Score:

Unlike traditional sources of roof age, CAPE’s data is both transparent and verifiable. Underwriters can use provided confidence scores and easily review the imagery before taking action.

Roof Age:
3 Years; 2021

Imagery Sourced by Nearmap US

Roof Age is available in the CAPE web application alongside Roof Condition Rating and other loss-predictive attributes for residential and commercial properties.

Video: CAPE’s imagery-based roof age

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