Primary Property Elements

Build your business on the most accurate foundational property data

State-of-the-art technology ↗, combined with novel data sources, provides a new level of data consistency, accuracy, and confidence.

Primary Property Elements use data fusion technology to correct outliers and improve the dependability of fundamental data, helping carriers create more accurate replacement cost estimates (RCEs) and better match premium to true exposure.

CAPE’s AI-backed, multimodal approach addresses a root cause of replacement cost inaccuracies—the underlying data fed into RCE tools.

Use Primary Property Elements to ensure the accuracy of your renewal book replacement cost estimates, new business underwriting, and rating attributes.


Improving accuracy in key data points, such as living area, results in more precise replacement cost estimates, which reduces the risk of policyholder underinsurance.

A significant portion of carrier books have errors in key replacement cost drivers. When these are underestimated, the carrier has an opportunity to identify them and capture a higher premium while making sure the customer has the appropriate coverage.

Have confidence in the accuracy of the data powering your business, such as inspection optimization and underwriting referral workflows. Significant errors in these foundational data inputs can compound and persist throughout an organization’s decision-making processes.

A Deeper Look

Primary Property Elements are produced using high-resolution imagery and multiple sources of structured data to more accurately capture the key drivers of replacement cost. These include:

Living Area

Errors in living area create the largest mismatch in Coverage A. These may result from incorrectly using below-grade areas, accessory structures, or errors in public record data.

Quality Grade Rating

Quality grade rating is subjective and subject to misinterpretation during form fills. A consistent objective approach leads to more accurate assessments.

Number of Stories

Partial stories are often overlooked and are not reflected in public records leading to inaccurate replacement cost estimates.

Above Grade Finished Living Area
Number of Stories
Quality Grade Rating
Garage Type
Garage Size
Exterior Finish
Year Built
Full Bathroom Count

With multiple implementation options, Primary Property Elements can be an additive solution alongside your existing tools with minimal IT complexity.