Home Insurance Property Intelligence

Select the right risks, reduce expenses, and improve customer experience

Deeply predictive insights that help carriers quote, underwrite, rate, and renew home insurance policies with improved ratios—all in an automated environment.

The geospatial analytics solution relied upon by a majority of U.S. property & casualty carriers

Home Insurance Property Insights are derived from the industry’s most accurate machine learning systems leveraging high-resolution geospatial imagery ↗.

CAPE® home insurance modules include critical risk factors with proven loss-predictive power needed by insurance carriers and MGAs to improve on traditional data sources. 


Provide instant quotes that more accurately reflect risk. Catch undesirable risks earlier in the funnel. Fast-track desirable risks and mitigate adverse selection. Improve customer and agent experience by providing an accurate quote upfront.

Better direct inspection resources to the homes that need them most, using risk-predictive features, like roof condition or yard debris, as flags.

Accurate pricing and rating lead to improved loss ratios. Segment with greater granularity and identify additional premium opportunities. Develop new rating factors utilizing property conditions.

Put “eyes” on all upcoming renewals using CAPE’s change detection systems ↗ and survey more strategically to improve underwriting costs.

A Deeper Look at CAPE Home Insurance Insights

CAPE’s Core, Property Condition, Roof Value, and Liability modules inform underwriting workflows with valuable risk data delivered by enterprise-ready, lightning-fast APIs.


Anchored by Roof Condition Rating — the gold standard in roof risk assessment that offers proven predictiveness for claims

Property Condition

Understand holistic property condition with attributes like yard debris and pool condition

Roof Value

Align risk and roof value with attributes like roof complexity and roof size


Detect liability concerns like pools and trampolines upfront

Roof Condition Rating

RCR provides a score on a 5-point scale that indicates the overall condition of the roof. RCR is used for rating, quoting, underwriting, and inspection triage. RCR is approved for ratemaking in more than 30 U.S. States and is pending in many more.

Minor Streaking
Organic Matter
Minor Patching
Major Degradation

CAPE provides
actionable insights

of homes in the U.S. have poor or severe condition roofs, with twice the vulnerability to additional weather damage
Higher expected loss from liability claims for homes with pools
Homes with over 100 square feet of yard debris have 26% higher loss ratios, on average
of homes with shingle roofs older than 20 years old are in good or excellent condition