AI for Real Estate

AIRE: Access instant & accurate property condition, characteristic, and location data for trading and valuation

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Address-Level Analytics

CAPE AIRE provides inspection-quality condition and property characteristics data for 110 million unique structures across the United States, derived from aerial imagery via advanced computer vision. Fill gaps and errors in traditional data with new, unique variables that provide significant lift to valuation and pricing models.


Property Condition, At Scale

Gain access to neighborhood, census, or zip code-level condition data to zero in on promising regions and improve your investment decisions. See aggregate changes over time to understand directional movement and trends.

Unique Location Factors

CAPE AIRE automatically detects factors that affect property value, including location factors such as distance to highways and bodies of water, and even the type of view visible from each property— characteristics missed by existing data sets.

Investment, Origination, and Underwriting

Traditional appraisals and broker price opinions (BPOs) are costly and are not available on-demand, while automated valuation models miss important property condition details. CAPE attributes, such as our five-point Roof Condition Rating scale, supplement appraisals, BPOs, and AVMs with unique insights for more accurate and trading quality collateral valuation.



"CAPE Analytics picks up where standard industry solutions leave off. While drive-by valuations and AVMs are part of a standard suite of valuation tools, CAPE's ability to remotely and instantly gather consistent property characteristics across the country is a unique and powerful solution to a longstanding problem in the mortgage industry."

Matt Rosen, Senior Managing Director, PRP Advisors


Property, Mortgage, and Service Monitoring

Integrating aerial data from CAPE Analytics — such as real-time yard condition — provides investors and property managers access to recent condition information critical for mitigating loss, monitoring properties, and managing real estate portfolios and loan investments.

Real Estate and Loan Analytics

Today’s property data sets are incomplete and outdated. Adding CAPE property attributes — like roof condition, yard debris, and tree coverage — improves the predictiveness of internal real estate and mortgage analytics.