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Power online quoting


Power online quoting

"Using Cape Analytics is integral to Kin's ability to quickly understand the property at point of application, so we can offer the right coverage and best experience to our customers."

Sean Harper, CEO, Kin Insurance


With valuable property attributes available when you need them most—before a customer requests a quote, you’ll have confidence you’re offering the right price, without sacrificing the integrity of your underwriting guidelines.

And improve the customer and agent experience by offering the correct price the first time, not changing the price after a policy is already bound.

Elevate your underwriting

With access to better information up front, carriers can make faster and more accurate initial underwriting decisions, like using straight-through-processing for risks that meet guidelines or flagging properties for underwriter review.

And more efficiently use inspection resources by prioritizing properties more likely to result in an actionable inspection discovery.

Get up-to-date
information about
the property
before renewal

Too often, after a property is underwritten, the profile of the property is never updated again. Make sure your customers are getting the coverage they need by reviewing all policies before you send renewals.