May 6, 2020 4 min read

Opening Our Doors to Real Estate and Mortgage

Written By CAPE Analytics
Today, I’m thrilled to announce Cape Analytics’ expansion into real estate, mortgage, and secondary markets. 

Property insurance and real estate are cornerstones of society. These industries help people do more than they could on their own—whether that’s pooling money to build at scale, or diversifying risk so society can overcome catastrophe. Over the last decade, technological advancements, from remote sensors to cloud infrastructure, have created an enormous opportunity to offer more accurate forms of property data. This data, in turn, could allow investors and insurers to make financial decisions with greater confidence and better results. 

When we founded Cape in late 2014, our mission was to shepherd these new data sources into being: to invent solutions that bring property facts to light and dramatically improve our understanding of built property. Five years later, we’ve succeeded in creating a new property data sector by merging AI and geospatial imagery. We are continuing to build an ever-growing list of industry-leading customers, a deep product pipeline, and an unparalleled team.

To date, we’ve had a singular focus on property insurance. From the start, our company ethos has been centered on building risk-relevant solutions for specific customers and their workflows — not one-size-fits-all data products. We’ve made immense strides in insurance, and our vision for the industry continues: to revolutionize how carriers assess risk remotely via unique data insights. While building these solutions for carrier workflows, we’ve also developed technologies and insights that are extremely well-suited to, and naturally synergistic with, adjacent verticals.

As such, and with our ethos of focused development firmly in mind, we’re delighted to announce that Cape Analytics is now expanding its solution set to customers in real estate, lending, and adjoining capital markets. We’re doing this with the same rigor we brought to our work in insurance, but we’re starting off on a different foot: with a lot more experience, a world-class AI team, and scalable infrastructure already in place. As part of this new effort, we’ve built out a dedicated real estate division with deep experience — including Cape’s new Head of Real Estate, Raj Dosaj, who was previously a senior executive with Unison and Black Knight Financial Services, as well as Director of Business Development, Sean Begley, an executive from RiskSpan and Black Knight.

Insurance and real estate have many adjacencies; the fact that we already have a handful of real estate customers using our data operationally is a testament to that fact. We fundamentally believe that learnings from one vertical can inform and better our products in the other and that our efforts will be additive, both for our current customers and for customers to come.

Cape Analytics’ mission is to illuminate the built world and help people make better, more informed decisions about how they insure, purchase, and protect property. We’re looking forward to the next phase of Cape’s growth as we widen our scope and bring geospatial property intelligence to an entirely new set of decision-makers.

  –  Ryan Kottenstette, CEO & Co-Founder