May 23, 2023 3 min read

CAPE Analytics announces enhanced insurance offering, built with Google geospatial data

Written By CAPE Analytics

CAPE will develop property risk analytics leveraging structural attributes from Google geospatial data to support innovation across the insurance industry and better protect homes and businesses

Protecting people, society, and the economy means safeguarding homes, businesses, and other structures—especially from catastrophic weather events. Property insurance is a critical component in creating this protective layer, and insurance carriers need access to the most up-to-date property condition and building attribute information to quickly assess, manage, and effectively mitigate risk. To this end, leveraging AI, imagery, and other data sources to deliver the most accurate and objective property intelligence has been at the core of CAPE Analytics’ mission since its founding in 2014. 

Today, CAPE is proud to unveil its partnership with Google to further this mission and leverage structural attributes from Google’s aerial imagery and digital surface models (DSM) in its property intelligence platform and weather risk solutions. CAPE’s structural insights range from roof dimensions to wildfire and hurricane risk scores. Adding Google’s geospatial services to CAPE’s leading property intelligence platform creates a robust and powerful geospatial analytics offering explicitly built for insurance carriers. This partnership enables CAPE to provide insurance carriers with extended coverage and property information they require to proactively mitigate risk and help prevent property damage.The property analytics offered by CAPE will also help enable continued product innovations as well as research into best practices for effective home hardening and risk mitigation actions. 

“Our partnership with Google helps us better understand property risk. By better understanding how properties are vulnerable to weather events, homeowners, business owners, and insurance carriers can better manage and mitigate that risk,” said Ryan Kottenstette, CEO and Founder of CAPE Analytics. “Together with our partners, CAPE continues to lead the way in building the industry’s best-of-breed property intelligence solution that meets the highest expectations for accuracy, speed, coverage, and currency.”

“CAPE has been a tremendous partner. We are impressed by CAPE’s innovation in this space and excited to see the value CAPE can bring to the insurance industry using our geospatial services” said Chip Hall, Managing Director – Geo Enterprise Global Sales at Google. 

Carriers interested in learning more about these capabilities should reach out to their CAPE representatives, or contact us here: