July 20, 2023 4 min read

CAPE Analytics Enhances Wildfire Mitigation Data Offerings with Firewise USA® Information

Written By CAPE Analytics

Community-level insights will better inform risk assessment and strengthen wildfire prevention measures.

July 20th, 2023 – Palo Alto, California – Today, CAPE Analytics (“CAPE”), the leader in AI-powered geospatial property intelligence, announced the addition of Firewise USA® information to its suite of wildfire mitigation data offerings. This new data will provide underwriters and insurers with valuable community-level insights to better inform risk assessment and strengthen wildfire prevention measures.

As the frequency and severity of wildfires continue to rise, insurance providers must have a more complete view of wildfire prevention efforts to accurately assess risks. By integrating community-level boundary information from the Firewise USA® program into its data offerings, CAPE reinforces its commitment to providing comprehensive data that drives greater awareness of mitigation efforts and better decision-making.

The Firewise USA® program is a voluntary recognition program developed by the National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®). It is co-sponsored by the USDA Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters. The Firewise USA® program provides a collaborative framework to help neighbors in a geographic area get organized, find direction, and take action to increase the ignition resistance of their homes and community.

“We know from the experience of more than 1,800 Firewise communities that wildfire mitigation efforts work. For more than two decades, the Firewise USA® program has helped residents come together to understand better how to help protect their communities, homes, and families from the devastating effects of wildfire,” said NFPA Wildfire Division Director, Michele Steinberg.

The Firewise USA® program promotes community-driven efforts to reduce the risk of wildfire damage by promoting proactive measures such as home hardening, vegetation management, and community preparedness. Fostering a proactive approach to wildfire prevention is critical to lowering the risk of property damage and saving lives.

In addition to utilizing the data, the Firewise USA® program allows insurers to promote evidence-based mitigation strategies to their policyholders.

The Firewise USA® program is a part of Outthink Wildfire™, an NFPA policy initiative, which calls on all levels of government to make significant policy changes to create safer homes and businesses through home upgrades and risk reduction, sound building and land use standards, and increased resources for managing wildland fuels.

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