September 23, 2019 5 min read

Cape Analytics Introduces Industry-First Property Change Detection

Written By CAPE Analytics

Cape Analytics’ Change Detection and Property Chronicle empower insurers to analyze their portfolio and manage ‘risk creep’ between inspections 

Today, Cape Analytics, the leading provider of AI-powered property intelligence, is launching the insurance industry’s first geospatial portfolio monitoring solution. Cape Analytics’ Portfolio Monitoring is comprised of two initial offerings: Change Detection, which alerts carriers when Cape’s AI identifies a change to a property that affects a policy’s risk profile, and Property Chronicle, a visual representation of property attribute history over time. Together, Change Detection and Property Chronicle will change how insurers detect and proactively respond to shifts in property risk over time and across their book of business.

Today, many in-force policies are only reinspected every five to seven years. Between these reinspections, however, weather events, baseline environmental exposure, deferred maintenance, and even property improvements may materially affect the risk profile of a property. Given that a high cadence of physical inspections across an entire portfolio would be prohibitively expensive, many carriers are flying blind and have no way to affordably and efficiently discover property changes between renewal periods. With today’s launch, Cape Analytics is the first company to offer a geospatial portfolio monitoring solution that is continuously updated with new data derived from aerial imagery. Now, using its powerful AI infrastructure that enables cost-effective scale, Cape Analytics can provide carriers with actionable change alerts and attribute trends.

“In the ever-changing dynamics of the property insurance business, with risks exposed to weather and regular maintenance, it is critical to have a solution that alerts carriers to condition issues in a meaningful and timely way,” said Mike Koscielny, Director of Underwriting at Florida Peninsula Insurance Company. “Cape Analytics’ solution gives us the ability to address issues with the policyholder to make necessary repairs, helping avoid loss and allowing the insured to remain safe and secure in their homes.”

While carriers today may not discover a property change for years, Cape Change Detection alerts carriers when a sudden, significant change occurs. For example, Cape customers will be able to see if a roof deteriorated rapidly from good to poor condition, if a pool or solar panels are installed, or if the homeowner recently replaced their roof. With Cape Change Detection, carriers can analyze all their policies at once, prior to renewal, or receive change alerts throughout the policy lifecycle as imagery is refreshed and processed. Change Detection can help detect roof replacements to increase customer retention, streamline renewal decisions, uncover future potential claims and avoid loss, collect premium for unreported changes, and allow for proactive outreach to favorable risks.

Property Chronicle allows carriers to view a single address and discover detailed temporal trends, such as the speed of roof condition deterioration, which could allow an insurer to track the increasing likelihood of a potential claim. By understanding property shifts and trends over time, carriers can better allocate reinspection resources, track the effects of regional environmental conditions on properties, and proactively reach out to policyholders when ‘risk creep’ occurs.

“The ability to monitor an in-force portfolio and understand when properties change has been a major missing component within the policy service workflow,” said Busy Cummings, VP of Sales at Cape Analytics. “Every carrier knows they have exposure to risk creep but, historically, the only remedy has been to inspect every half-decade, on average. With Cape Portfolio Monitoring, insurers can see true property condition for every risk, prior to renewal, and price accordingly to capture premium or retain customers.”