May 29, 2019 3 min read

Cape Analytics Introduces Automated Pool Detection From Geospatial Imagery, For Use By Property Insurers

Written By CAPE Analytics

Hazard data now allows insurers to more accurately gauge liability risk for new and existing policies


Today Cape Analytics, the leading provider of geospatial property intelligence, is announcing the inclusion of pool detection in its slate of machine detected property features for insurance carriers. Pools represent a significant liability hazard for insurers but are often under-reported by homeowners. Insurers and reinsurers can now rely on Cape Analytics’ intelligence as a source of truth for pool presence, using it to determine eligibility and rate at time-of-quote, or for more accurate pricing at renewal.

The presence of a pool often results in insurance carriers taking some form of action. Today, many insurers add a premium surcharge when a pool is present, due to increased liability exposure. Carriers may also work with homeowners to ensure adequate safety measures are in place to protect residents, via additional fencing and gates. With automated pool detection, insurers can use Cape Analytics’ hazard solution to identify unreported pools, better understand overall property risk, and take action accordingly, across an entire portfolio.

“We look forward to leveraging Cape’s automated pool detection. Better hazard information will allow us to provide our insureds with the right level of coverage based on their specific needs while asking the homeowner fewer time-consuming questions,” said Michael Hixon, Assistant Vice President, Underwriting and Rating, Western Mutual Insurance Group.

“After a handful of Cape Analytics customers asked about our ability to use computer vision for pool detection, we realized it was a broad need across the industry for which we could provide a solution,” said Jyotsna Jha, Product Manager at Cape Analytics. “Pools represent a classic issue in insurance: large informational gaps that, until now, could only be solved with a full external inspection. With aerial imagery and computer vision, we can provide insurers with up-to-date and accurate information instantly.”

The new feature allows Cape Analytics to identify the presence of in-ground and above ground pools. To date, Cape has detected over 7.5 million pools across the continental U.S. Nearly three million pools are in Florida and California alone — where more than one out of every six homes has a pool. Having an accurate understanding of pool presence is critical, especially for insurers who cover states with a high density of pools, such as in Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, and New York.