October 5, 2022 4 min read

CAPE Analytics’ Raj Dosaj Named a 2022 HousingWire Vanguard

Written By CAPE Analytics

Today, we’re pleased to announce that CAPE’s Head of Real Estate and Mortgage Markets, Raj Dosaj, has been named by HousingWire as a 2022 Vanguard. 

The HousingWire Vanguard Awards program recognizes C-level industry professionals and business unit leaders who have become leaders in their respective fields within housing and mortgage finance — those whose leadership is moving markets forward each and every day.

With over 25 years of experience in the mortgage, fintech, and fixed income industries, Raj joined our team in 2019 with a mission of bringing new data sources to the real estate market and dramatically improving the industry’s understanding of property intelligence applications.

Three years later, Raj has succeeded in creating a new sector in property data by merging AI and geospatial imagery with the contemporary needs of the real estate market. Now, Raj continues to oversee an ever-growing list of industry-leading clients, a deep product pipeline, and an unparalleled team of property data and AI experts.

Raj has proven himself as a force for innovation by spearheading the following initiatives at CAPE: 


Raj led the development and launch of CAPE’s AIRE platform in May 2022. The solution enables clients to access objective, structured data for property and location characteristics, condition metrics, and marketability that have a demonstrated impact on home value and loan performance. The AIRE platform is currently being deployed in loan trading and the single-family rental markets.

Liquidity Score 

Raj also partnered with CAPE’s research team to bring CAPE’s Liquidity Score solution to the market shortly after the launch of AIRE in June. This new offering uses a first-of-its-kind machine learning model to predict property liquidity – a metric that was previously impossible to estimate without adequate property intelligence. The landmark solution is now being utilized in the single-family real estate and mortgage markets.


In February 2021, Raj coordinated a partnership with Weiss Analytics, with the pair producing ValPro+, the first automated home valuation engine that combines geospatial imager, AI, and machine learning to enhance property valuations with real-time property condition information.

Urban Institute Partnership 

With the goal of helping mitigate racial biases in home valuations, Raj also partnered with the Urban Institute. The partnership yielded a groundbreaking study that uncovered that incorporating property conditions derived from AI and machine learning can improve the accuracy of AVMs in majority-Black neighborhoods. While the model bias in those neighborhoods was reduced but not eliminated, the work by Raj and his team has pushed the industry to continue to combat the effects of historical discrimination in home valuation.

As we slowly move towards 2023, we’re excited to see the next wave of innovation fostered by Raj and our Real Estate and Mortgage team over the next year.