Just like people, homes come in all different kinds. We’re all familiar with the common suburban tract home and the oddball house, some of which have become part of the cultural zeitgeist in recent years. Each type of home comes with its own connotations and lists of pros and cons. When it comes to the […]

There has always been one undeniable truth about the real estate market: real estate properties are one of the most illiquid assets available. The liquidity of an individual property is observable by looking back at the number of days that a property was listed for sale before it was sold and the price at which […]

Can you determine a property’s true exterior condition from the inside of your car? This is often the data collection method on which many investment decisions are made and property valuation models are constructed. The limited field of view offered by many “drive-by” methods like broker price opinions (BPOs) leads to a high probability that […]

CAPE Analytics, the pioneer of geospatial property analytics, is excited to announce CAPE AIRE, an AI-powered intelligence platform for the real estate market. AIRE uses computer vision, aerial imagery, and novel data sources to extract highly accurate, critical information about property conditions and their surroundings, with a focus on characteristics that influence property value and […]

Cape Analytics uses computer vision and geospatial imagery to feed property condition data into the new ValPro+ AVM, powering more profitable real estate investments Today, Weiss Analytics, creator of next-generation home price indexing and forecasting, and Cape Analytics, a pioneer in the automated analysis of property through geospatial imagery, are announcing the launch of ValPro+, […]

In our previous post, How Distressed Loan Traders Are Leveraging Geospatial Imagery, we explored various imagery sources and how they are being used in the market today. With distress growing in the market, this post will explore how computer vision can scale the use of geospatial imagery and, in doing so, unlock insights into individual […]