There has always been one undeniable truth about the real estate market: real estate properties are one of the most illiquid assets available. The liquidity of an individual property is observable by looking back at the number of days that a property was listed for sale before it was sold and the price at which […]

Can you determine a property’s true exterior condition from the inside of your car? This is often the data collection method on which many investment decisions are made and property valuation models are constructed. The limited field of view offered by many “drive-by” methods like broker price opinions (BPOs) leads to a high probability that […]

CAPE Analytics pioneered the Roof Condition Rating (RCR) attribute which indicates the overall condition of the roof on a 5-point scale. RCR is used today by carriers across the U.S. and Canada for rating, quoting, underwriting, and inspection triage. Roof Condition Ratings range from excellent, where the roof is in pristine condition and shows no […]

New Paved Area Deterioration and Paved Area Illumination attributes provide commercial insurance carriers and MGAs with new insights into how a property’s broader lot condition can affect risk. Often thought of as secondary to the characteristics of a commercial property’s structures, parking lot and paved area condition can offer insights into the potential risks of […]

 90,000 homes in the NOLA metropolitan area have poor or severe roof condition after Hurricane Ida, with many seeing significant damage from high winds Ida’s damage in Louisiana is far less extensive than either Hurricane Laura (2020) or Hurricane Katrina (2005)  In the 10 days since Hurricane Ida passed over the greater New Orleans […]

Hail has turned into one of the more problematic risks for property insurers. According to the III, the industry sustained over $13 billion in losses in 2019, and in 2020, that number increased to $14.2 billion. Hail-related losses are unpredictable, but generally seem to be increasing due to a number of factors:  Exposure is increasing […]