There has always been one undeniable truth about the real estate market: real estate properties are one of the most illiquid assets available. The liquidity of an individual property is observable by looking back at the number of days that a property was listed for sale before it was sold and the price at which […]

Can you determine a property’s true exterior condition from the inside of your car? This is often the data collection method on which many investment decisions are made and property valuation models are constructed. The limited field of view offered by many “drive-by” methods like broker price opinions (BPOs) leads to a high probability that […]

CAPE Analytics, the pioneer of geospatial property analytics, is excited to announce CAPE AIRE, an AI-powered intelligence platform for the real estate market. AIRE uses computer vision, aerial imagery, and novel data sources to extract highly accurate, critical information about property conditions and their surroundings, with a focus on characteristics that influence property value and […]

Mountain View, Calif. — May 3, 2022 — CAPE Analytics announced today that it will offer geospatial property intelligence to The Hartford to support the insurer’s underwriting speed and efficiency in its commercial business.  “CAPE is thrilled to further our relationship with The Hartford, which has been a key partner for us,” said Ryan Kottenstette, […]

CAPE Analytics pioneered the Roof Condition Rating (RCR) attribute which indicates the overall condition of the roof on a 5-point scale. RCR is used today by carriers across the U.S. and Canada for rating, quoting, underwriting, and inspection triage. Roof Condition Ratings range from excellent, where the roof is in pristine condition and shows no […]

We’re excited to announce that CAPE has been recognized by San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal as the #1 Best Place to Work in the Bay Area (companies 50-99 employees) based on an exemplary workplace and day-to-day operations. The award examined nominees’ values, including collaborative culture, compensation, benefits, team building activities, […]

We’re pleased to announce that effective today, CAPE has partnered with Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance Company to integrate its proprietary property intelligence to offer faster underwriting decisions that more accurately predict risk.  Through the partnership, Cypress can better protect their insureds, while streamlining business practices and monitoring their book of business over time. By […]