White Paper

CAPE Roof Condition Rating: Loss Impact Study

Harness the predictive power of CAPE Roof Condition Rating

Using geospatial imagery and AI, it’s now possible to directly and objectively measure a roof’s condition. CAPE Roof Condition Rating is the gold standard for risk assessment and is approved by state departments of insurance for ratemaking in over 35 states. This study analyzes over 20 million partner-submitted exposure records and 700,000 claims to determine the predictive signal of this breakthrough property attribute.

Key Takeaways

For wind, the loss ratio for the worst roofs (Severe), is 400% of that for the best roofs (Excellent)
Reason codes explain the underlying conditions most responsible for the rating. Confidence scores give insight into the condition by indicating which direction a roof rating is leaning.
For all perils, Severe roofs show a loss ratio that is 49% higher than Excellent roofs