Sep 23, 2019

Cape Roof Condition Rating: Loss Impact Study [White Paper]

Harness the predictive power of Cape Analytics Roof Condition Rating 

Our landmark study analyzes over two million partner-submitted exposure records and 75,000 claims to show, with unprecedented clarity, the predictive signal of this breakthrough property attribute.

For too long, carriers have been forced to use proxy information such as roof age to describe the condition of a home’s roof. Now with geospatial imagery and AI, it is possible to directly and objectively measure a roof’s condition. Cape’s Roof Condition Rating is the industry’s first condition-focused variable, available across the country, for 70 million single-family homes.

Cape Analytics customers have already benefitted from using Roof Condition Rating:

Insurance companies use roof age as a proxy for roof quality but all insurers are challenged when it comes to roof information. You could have a five-year-old roof that is in terrible condition or a fifteen-year-old roof that is in amazing condition. Cape Analytics equips us with more insights and a numeric score that we can use to effectively evaluate roof quality.”

–  Patrick Knutson, Property Product Manager at CSAA Insurance Group


Now, this study identifies the objective, predictive power of Roof Condition Rating:

  • See how Roof Condition correlates to claim frequency and severity
  • Harness this new variable for rating and pricing accuracy 
  • Decrease exposure and loss ratio across your homeowner policy portfolio 

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