How accurate is your prefill data?

CAPE® Purefill: Outlier Detection scans both prefill and user-entered information for data anomalies, validating or flagging critical inputs to improve coverage A accuracy:

Outlier Summary: Living Area


Alpharetta, GA

Carrier: 1,915 sq. ft.

CAPE: 2,766 sq. ft.

Prefill Data Source:

Public Record

Purefill Data Source:

Multi-Source Analysis, Including Aerial Imagery


+851 sq. ft. (44.4% increase)

Coverage A:


13.3 %
of homes found by Purefill that contain a partial story, while other methods only find 3%
25 %
of properties in a typical carrier’s book contain substantial errors within three drivers of replacement cost: living area, quality grade, and the number of stories
22 %
The average amount by which homes in the US are underinsured

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