Understand the property characteristics that drive hail vulnerability

Across the country, hailstorms are increasing in both frequency and intensity – and as a result, hail-related property insurance losses are rapidly growing. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the industry sustained over $14.2 billion in losses in 2020. But now, with the rise of property intelligence from CAPE Analytics, insurers can transparently assess property-specific hail vulnerability and exposure risk.

CAPE Hail Intelligence scores property risk by combining machine learning with address-level characteristics that drive vulnerability to hail to provide a complete picture of the risk.

It’s Time to Get Granular on Hail


Harness a new, holistic view of hail risk with the industry’s first property-specific hail vulnerability rating


Underwrite and price with greater confidence in hail-prone areas


Benchmark and right-size your regional exposure to hail


Leverage standalone property characteristics that are predictive of hail claim frequency and severity

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Leverage CAPE’s loss-predictive attributes or new, holistic Hail Vulnerability Rating

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… with performance that supports better decision making in hail-prone states

Drive refined rate segmentation by identifying roofs more prone to increased likelihood and severity of hail claims

Get a handle on roof elements that result in higher replacement costs, such as increased complexity

Avoid paying for another carrier’s claims by capturing roof condition issues and susceptibility to hail at the beginning of your workflow

Carriers can now attain unprecedented segmentation in hail-prone geographies for better underwriting and pricing

Rigorously tested against CAPE’s loss database of 20M+ real-world records spanning the last five years

Introducing CAPE Hail Intelligence

All Hail The Roof

New Risk Insights For Property-Specific Hail Vulnerability